Green Sports Track – Fitness in nature

Olympic gold medallist, world champion and athletic star Heike Drechsler is the force behind a new fitness concept in nature: Green Sports

A circular trail over 8 km leads all fitness enthusiasts through the nature park Lüneburg Heath while visiting 10 stations. People can run, walk or stroll the track, depending on the person performance ability. It starts at the church in the dreamy heath village Egestorf and runs through the nature reserve with large heath areas and shady forests.

A start in Sudermühlen is also possible as the track is very close.

Apart from tree trunks, benches and signposts, the wooden bridge rails of the heath stream ‘Schmale Aue’ (Sudermühlen) is also a station. Cool down your feet in the clear water of the stream, observe rare animals and enjoy the fresh forest air.

Implementation: There is a QR code at each station which can be scanned with a mobile phone or tablet. A video opens immediately in which the coach will explain a certain type of exercise for this object of the green sports station.

The paths all have signs and are well built. Anyone can follow the track, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

Information and videos: Travel-No. 11577 here

The Hotel Hof Sudermühlen is in a great location in the midst of the wonderful heath landscape and provides great connections to the many golf courses in the vicinity.

The golf course Green Eagle is located between Hamburg and Lüneburg (approx. 30 min.) at the edge of the Lüneburg Heath and provides a beautiful landscape setting for your game. You can select between the North and South Course. The 18-hole North Course is of the tour level. It is more than 7,200 metres long, one of the 10 longest golf courses world-wide and a serious challenge. The South Course resembles a park and has many fans. German and European championships have been played here.

Bicycle rental in Sudermühlen

We can rent bicycles through the local Cycle Station for you:

E-Bike: €22,50

Touring bike: €12,50